All we see are changes. This site will be taking a break for a while. We'll be making music, podcasts, and another comic about our adventures. You'll hear about it from us when it happens. In the mean time, you can purchase any comics we have left at our other shop hereYou can still purchase a digital download of our comic, which is now on sale for $5. We'll slowly transition all sales over to the other shop. For now, keep rocking in the free world:)

Band Battle Cassette Comics


Remember when you used to listen to music on cassette tape? Neither do we. Well, there used to be these things called cassettes and everyone used to listen to music on them. They were, small and plastic and had tape in them and people looooved them. Yes, we know it's crazy. Music that's not from an iphone?! Like, what is that? Anyways, we thought we'd revive these classic tastes by putting our comic in the format it was originally intended. Just like we try to record with an original sound, this comic was meant to be set up for a fresh appeal. Our Band Battle comic now comes in 2 cassette tape cases, featuring a limited edition Band Battle print, stickers, and playlist of our favorite tunes. 

NOTE: You actually can't purchase this version online just yet, we're setting up our new online store. As soon as we know, you'll know. In the mean time, here's some more pics:

Anacon 2018

Come pick up a fresh copy of our comic book. These are the last ones we've got. 

New Year Sale!

NEW YEAR SALE! We've received some choice reviews about our recent #BandBattle comic and want to give you the opportunity to pick up a copy. For all orders of our #riso printed comics enter PROMO CODE: NEWGEAR, and receive 15% off your order until Jan. 5, 2018. Clean out the rest of our warehouse for the New Year and check out our comic at