Anacon 2018

Come pick up a fresh copy of our comic book. These are the last ones we've got. 

New Year Sale!

NEW YEAR SALE! We've received some choice reviews about our recent #BandBattle comic and want to give you the opportunity to pick up a copy. For all orders of our #riso printed comics enter PROMO CODE: NEWGEAR, and receive 15% off your order until Jan. 5, 2018. Clean out the rest of our warehouse for the New Year and check out our comic at

Merch Shop Now OPEN!


We're excited to say that our shop is finally open! You can check it out by clicking the "Shop" selection on the menu bar below. Take a look at our new comic and pick up a copy. It comes in three options, each one with it's own special features. The comic is an excerpt from the band's journey on the road. Witness Otto and the crew as they venture into the Underground to seek out rock'n'roll immortality. This order comes with 1 comic variant; 40 pages of Band Battle action, Risograph printed in three colors.

We recently shared how we went up to our friends in LA at Tiny Splendor to get our comics printed. Don't know what Risograph printing is? It's a stencil-based digital style of printing. It has a limited color palette, and can only print one color at a time. A Riso print offers some of the charm and character that is classically sought after in traditional printmaking. This process of layering colors requires manual registration, which is imperfect—lending a quality that mirrors analog prints.

Be sure to check back soon because we'll be adding more items to our shop.

HUMANZ World Tour Visuals

The HUMANZ show gave us chills. Man, what an awesome live set. The vision of Damon and Jamie and their whole crew has come together for us. The music is one thing, the videos another, but seeing them live is the greatest thing you could do for yourself as a music fan. We felt we really captured the entire Gorillaz vision when we saw them live. It all made sense. 

The idea of a cartoon band often comes off as a gimmick or even childish. Damon and Jamie are both hailed for their talents outside of this group, but so much time and energy has been spent continually bringing out new albums just for Gorillaz. We can imagine that their world very much revolves around this and not other projects. The immersive experience that we had with the Gorillaz is one that can't be matched by any other group. It was truly an amazingly entertaining event. Their animated visuals on the huge screen behind them, including one circular one floating above the stage, allowed you to see the animated vision that complimented the live show. With each song a new featuring artist would come out on stage and perform, but still the idea was cohesive. By the end of the evening we felt completely immersed in the Gorillaz universe. It is a world of its own, but not because it's hidden by the guise of cartoons but because it's working on a higher level than other artists. It touched all the senses and amplified our vision of what good music could be.