Welcome to Band Battle. As band manager, I’d like to share a story with you. One weekend in high school, a friend borrowed all my CDs and went to the beach. (That friend may have been my sister. She may have not asked to borrow my CDs. I may hate her.) During that trip, their car was broken into and all the CDs were stolen. All of them. I was shattered. My friend was distraught over their vehicle, but all I could do was mourn my CDs and stare at my headphones while they suffered in silence. A candle light vigil was held. Days later, I found a single glorious CD that had been left in my stereo. It was “Demon Days” by Gorillaz. Sweet joy passed over me. The sun had burst through the clouds and I listened to that CD on repeat for years. Gorillaz had saved my life.

Passionate about life and passionate about music, I've decided to turn up the volume by creating my own band, an animated one. Band Battle is my way of paying homage to good music and good art. What started as a project to practice art, has become a life of its own.


This site is that band's site and the story of their road to fame. It's a work in progress - like any garage band - and will feature band auditions, videos of band practice, and other production images. We hope to meet the Gorillaz some day and create our own great music videos like theirs. If they're brave enough, we'll challenge them to a battle of the bands and win our own spot in the rock'n'roll hall of fame.

Right now we're sharing some of that story in a comic we made while on the road. We're looking forward to releasing some tunes in a music video soon. If you'd like to feature us in your zine, get an autograph, or hang out in the back of our van, get in line noob. We're rockstars.

Join us as we bust guts and melt faces.

-The Band Manager